Friday, November 04, 2005

On Stinging Reprisals

Excuse my long absence Dear Erasmus.....Yeah, been away a long time. I've been busy, travelling and lastly sick (haven't been that sick since 1997!). I did read a bit more "The Bondage of the Will" while I was traveling. I have to say I wouldn't want to get on Luther's bad side! Though after reading some of his "stinging reprisals" I long for such wit myself. An example...."You ooze Lucian from every pore; you swill Epicurius by the gallon". This he wrote to Erasmus. Look here for an idea who Lucian was and here for an idea of who Epicurius was.

Too harsh of language? Perhaps not, I havent' read Erasmus' treatise. This question comes too mind...who is the Luther of today? Who do you know issues such strong reprisals against those who seek to undermine the Christian faith? I know of none. So let's remember Luther in this way, the next time you come across a Lucian or Epicurian let him have it after the fashion of Martin!