Friday, November 04, 2005

On Stinging Reprisals

Excuse my long absence Dear Erasmus.....Yeah, been away a long time. I've been busy, travelling and lastly sick (haven't been that sick since 1997!). I did read a bit more "The Bondage of the Will" while I was traveling. I have to say I wouldn't want to get on Luther's bad side! Though after reading some of his "stinging reprisals" I long for such wit myself. An example...."You ooze Lucian from every pore; you swill Epicurius by the gallon". This he wrote to Erasmus. Look here for an idea who Lucian was and here for an idea of who Epicurius was.

Too harsh of language? Perhaps not, I havent' read Erasmus' treatise. This question comes too mind...who is the Luther of today? Who do you know issues such strong reprisals against those who seek to undermine the Christian faith? I know of none. So let's remember Luther in this way, the next time you come across a Lucian or Epicurian let him have it after the fashion of Martin!


Fiona said...
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weblogz said...
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Jael said...

Please receive my sincerest regrets concerning your recent illness, and shared joys regarding your travels. I long for a journey, but not for such virtuous reasons as yours.

Perhaps the style of Luther is not the most effective for the general American population of 2005, soon to be 2006. Amee Simple McPherson boldly burst into bars preaching and demolishing the inside of taverns with no apparent negative consequences, and much spiritual fruit. That was then. Now, the Baptist Rod Parsley (who was converted during a woman preacher’s sermon), has tens of thousands converted during a sermon with a bold confrontational style. He is well versed, and full of the anointing, exudes passion and compassion for souls. There are so many. Jesse Duplantis also teaches boldly and fervently against sin with great success in a style more like a comedian than a preacher. I prefer the Presbyterian James Kennedy who openly exposes the evils and sins of the United States and works fervently to change the current course of the nation. My favorite could be Ravi, the Indian with the Canadian wife. He effects change in various venues of academia. His unmistakably direct confrontations of errancy were presented in such a way that he was invited to return, even to the Mormon temple in Utah. Jay Sekulow is an unmistakable confronter of anti-Christian legislation and trends in our country. He works with his team protecting and defending Christian thought and freedom in the public arena.

I can hardly presume that the most of these get up at 3:00 am each day as the monks in Luther’s time did, although there is a David Hogan who works with the Indians in South America who fasts every other day, and a month of every year among other times. He sees much activity in the spiritual realm and this is one aspect of preparedness for life with these tribes. For years he has worked in harsh circumstances declaring Christ to people far away from the publicity that Luther was exposed to.

Society may be more broad in scope, and thought more diverse now. The forming of many denominations has spread the influence and power of the church. In Luther’s time, there was a generalized concentration of power and influence in the Catholic Church. To confront it with such grievous sin was to disturb a great giant causing immense consequences.

Perhaps in the larger picture, Christ has planned and prepared these people to facilitate greater purposes (vessels of more honor). It seems that during Luther’s tower experience his eyes were opened to truth in the book of Romans. We who have studied have had those experiences, but not the unction or opportunity to share them in a large way.

Perhaps if we really cared, we would be up at 3:AM as he was, searching the scriptures and our hearts and Father’s heart. This I am torn about. Are all called to this life? Are some called to just cook, maid, and study minutely, or are all expected to strive and press in and search (as for hidden treasure)?
Nothing can come out of the heart that was not there before the coming out. What does “study to shew thyself approved” really mean?

Really, I must now procure a copy of Bondage Of The Will.

fmslc said...

When I am assailed with heavy tribulations, Irush out among my pigs, rather than remain alone by myself. The human heart is like a millstone in a mill; when you put wheat under it, it turns and grinds and bruises the wheat to flour; if you put no wheat, it still grinds on, but then 'tis itself it grinds and wears away. So the human heart, unless it be occupied with some employment,leaves space for the devil, who wriggles himself in, and brings with him a whole host of evil thoughts, temptations, and tribulations, which grind out the heart. Luther