Saturday, September 17, 2005

After Shiloh, We Never Smiled

Alas, there is hope....recently I celebrated my 40th year on this earth. An event celebrated by some and almost wholly ignored by its benefacter.

The Zumbudu continues to read "The Bondage of the Will". Indeed it does appear that modern Protestants have lost their grasp of Christian Doctrine through lack of knowledge and instead chase after the latest "movement" or self ascribed prophet that comes along. It has been my own experience that it was only enough to seek the emotional experience of Salvation. What then when the emotions ebb? It is only seven days to the next Sunday or even a Wednesday service to see you through. Without a foundation of doctrine or knowledge of the Gospel and how it came to us can a Christian know who he his and where he stands before God.

It is not my assertion that Christ's fulfillment is lacking, that is certainly not true. I do maintain that a knowledge of how the Gospel came to us and of those who went before needs to be attained by those who God's Grace has allowed to be his children.

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Jael said...

His fulfillment is not lacking indeed. Is our passion misdirected? Is It more comfortable to satisfy this writer’s bodily cravings and soulish whims with the given allotment of time, rather than pursue the eternal Almighty whom is perceived as ever-patient and waiting? After all, if this author is to strive for Him with all, all, that is self directed or appointed, It would be a very great struggle. Initially, to be true. The body which is touchable and senses, and the soul that has been taught so well to rule life’s proceedings, are a great deal more discernable to the human than the spirit that communes with God. Exercise of the body profiteth a little. Exercise of the soul, {education, shopping, watching movies, hobbies} may profit some. Exercise of the spirit?, this is the consistent challenge. His fulfillment is not lacking indeed. As the bride on her wedding night has not yet unlocked the secrets of intimate fulfillment and will learn those pleasures as she spends time with the groom, so the Bride of Christ must sensitively discern the Spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ. The only other choice is to give up and tell God He is entirely responsible for the relationship. Is this so? Is there another way? America’s Christians and spoiled and lethargic. This author is one of them. His fulfillment is not lacking. Is there another way?