Monday, September 12, 2005

From the Journal of the Princess....

This from a recent entry from my daughter's school Journal.....

The question,
Education is important because....Explain why education is important.

The answer,
What is a education because I never heard that word before I think I heard that word before. I always have to ask what that means.

Simple, yet profound.


Jael said...

Augustine once asked, "What is time? If no one asks me I know; but if any person should require me to tell him, I cannot."

Education is not so elusive as time, but much more than we tend to believe. An "educated" person may be quite intellegent, learned, knowing all the facts and theories compiled to date in his profession. Thus, he is confident that the proper blood-letting will cure this specific disease. Procedures continue that are just as effective in American hospitals today, right now.

The worth of education is itself dependant upon truth and wisdom. Without our friends truth and wisdom, education is a dangerous thing. Scripture admonishes us to get wisdom. God gives us the ability to gain knowledge.

A missionary and his family were working in a remote area with no written language. The son of the missionary and the son of the tribal chief become close friends and spent quite a bit of time in their tree fort. Much to the distress of the chief, his son spent hours of the day making strange marks on bark and pieces of wood rather than doing or learning something helpful. When the time came for the missionaries to leave the area, it became necessary to find some way for scripture to be left with the natives so they could continue in their persuit of God. As the two men discussed the situation in the hut, the son of the missionary overheard. He explained to his father that all those marks on the wood pieces were representative of native words. After some excitement, the boy began transcribing part of the scripture for his tribe. The boy without an "education" became the educator.

The first sin was committed to gain knowledge. Thus for the education to know good and evil, we are a fallen people.

I will conclude with a verse from scripture. "And further, by these, my son, be admonished: of making many books there is no end; and much study is a weariness to the flesh." Ec. 12:12

Zumbudu Chief said...

Cool! The first comment, nice writting Jael. I appreciate the quote from Augustine. I think the modern church should heed the wisdom from the Early fathers.